06 June 2017

With everything that is happening in the world, and in the UK at the moment, I feel that this election is so important. Yes, they all are important of course, but there's a chance as a country that we could get rid of a Prime Minister, a member of the party we know has caused a lot of havoc - from the bedroom tax, to trying to privatise the NHS, to cutting the number of police on the streets...the list goes on.

Now I'm not going to say who you should vote for come Thursday, it's your vote, so your choice. But please use your head, and vote for anyone but the Tories. It annoys me when all they do is blame their failings on past governments. Yes, there are things the Labour party have failed at in the past, but we need to be looking at the policies, and I know many people, myself included see them as the party that will bring a change that is needed, considering how much May and co have sent us up shit creek with Brexit and god knows what else - I'd be here all day listing things.

And the fact Jeremy Corbyn actually talks in interviews in such a way that you actually listen - as in, he talks like a normal person talking to a normal person. Don't know if it's just me, but in any interview or Q&A, May makes me switch off because she never gets around to answering the question. Also, surely something isn't right when she's sending other people to take her place at debates, and refuses to do radio shows and interviews? 

I'll be gutted if the Tories win, because with Corbyn and Labour, I feel like he would actually try to make Brexit a little easier on us, and try and bridge gaps and heal wounds so it's not as harsh on the economy etc...but I also feel like we're going to be disappointed with the results and wouldn't be surprised if Conservatives get back in again, because the older generations will stay with what they know best, and to them, that's the Conservatives for some reason. Hopefully the increase of young people registering to vote will change the results, and in turn, a change in government. We need the bigwigs to stop benefiting off of those who are below them in regards to class and financial status. It pees me off to no end when the government think them providing certain things makes them so heroic. No, you are not being heroes at all. We are human beings and you shouldn't act above someone just because you are providing them with basic support they may need because they've fallen on hard times, cannot work because of a disability or injury and lots more. You shouldn't be cutting the amount those people need to live on, and saying they are fit to work if they're clearly not able to, or can't get into the Jobcentre to sign stuff, yet get penalised for it.

I could go on for a long time, talking about what's wrong with this government and why we need a shake up. Let's just hope that come Thursday, people vote wisely. That they think of what they want to benefit them, but also for the country, as it will affect the many, not a few. However, if it stays as a Tory government, then the few higher up the ladder will be the ones to benefit from the pain and struggles of the many.

Also, there's no point in saying you aren't going to vote. People died to get us the vote, women protested and gave their lives for women to vote, and you think it's acceptable to make a point by not voting? Get back to me mate when you start complaining that you aren't getting what you want, because of a party you didn't like, getting into power.

If in doubt, check out the Your Vote Matters website. And if you are still undecided, or on the fence, have a look at quizzes that help to tell you which party you may agree with, in regards to their manifesto or policies.

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