16 May 2017

Wildflower by Drew Barrymore is one of those books I've wanted to read for a little while, but never gone purposefully looking for it in shops, if that makes sense? It was only when I was in Waterstones a few months ago, that I was reminded of it and decided to buy it. (Also picked up M Train by Patti Smith - loved Just Kids, so fingers crossed I'll like this just as much!)

We all love Drew Barrymore, in some shape or form, right? For me, I will always have a soft spot for the Charlie's Angels films. I remember seeing the first one when I was 9/10, seeing these three women kick butt which I thought it was awesome as hell. Also, it made me discover that I had quite the crush on Lucy Liu (which I still have to this day, 15+ years later) whilst not fully realising at the time that I wasn't straight. Oh, to tell your younger self that various actresses you thought you just happened to admire in the 'damn, you are an awesome human being' way were also women you had huge crushes on...

I'd best describe this book as a collection of stories and how they've shaped Drew. I like that they're not in chronological order, but at the same time, it bugs me because then I have to remember where someone she talks about, has come from earlier in the book, from another story! Maybe that's just me and my terrible memory. It's nice to learn of how she met certain people in her life, and hear about things other than what you see or know. I was chuckling when she talked about a trip that her, Cameron and Lucy did into the middle of nowhere for a shoot or story around the time Charlie's Angels was being released, but she was getting really annoyed at the fact she wasn't as good as the other two at abseiling and other outdoor pursuits - I can relate to this because I know I'd be hopeless.  But then a moment came where she was about to give up, and light appeared. As in, a literal light in the form of a fire she was trying to make. For me, I didn't know, and found it heartwarming that she does work with the UN. In the early 2000s when visiting Nairobi, after visiting schools, she knew she wanted to help children in some shape or form. To help those that go to school not only to learn, but get food.

It's a nice read, and cool to learn more about her...she's definitely the kind of lass you want to be friends with. 

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