10 May 2017

I truly am hopeless at updating my blog, which is something I've realised but not really done anything about. Somebody hand me the crown because Procrastination Queen has arrived. Which is a bit of a laugh, because I could understand if I was non-stop with you know...living life, being constantly busy. However, there is time for me to stop, and get a post or two published on here. But it's just not happened, because I haven't been feeling it whatsoever. The inspiration and passion vanished quicker than me when I spot a delicious cake.

I'm sure I am not the only one that will every so often try to force content...correct? But it's always that content that nine times out of ten, you will be unhappy with. Recently when I was going through my blog deleting a crap ton of posts, I realised that there are a small number of posts I am truly proud of, and got rid of so many that I felt are no longer me, or just felt unhappy with.

So, what do you do when inspiration does a disappearing act?

Take a step back, let the inspiration return in it's own time.

This is easier said than done, but sometimes you just can't force yourself to create content if the spark isn't there, right? It'll just annoy you even more, trying to think of something just because. But don't let it get you down. Sure, I've been annoyed when there's been nothing I can post about. But what's the point in letting that eat you up? Just do other stuff. People won't mind if you don't post for a little while.

Live life.

Sounds silly, but just live your life as per usual. Maybe when you have the time, go for a walk, pop to the cinema to see a film, spend some well-needed time with friends and just talk the day away over a few drinks. Basically, just live your life and you will be surprised that in time, ideas will come from the smallest things - that's what I find works for me. Keeping the blog in the back of my mind, I'll sometimes be out running errands, when suddenly an idea will come from something I've seen, or has happened to me.

Try to be creative, but in other ways.

Personally, I like to take pictures. But I'm also quite a lazy old cow. So for me, if I'm not feeling great with creating blog content, I'll still try to be active in some shape or form on Instagram. That way, I can get out and about when I have days off, take pictures which are not only useful for blog posts - you know a little library of images useful for chatty posts such as this one. But hey, the creation of them, and the final product itself may spark inspiration!

What things do you feel help to spark inspiration for your creativity?

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