18 April 2017

I'm sure you've seen various supermarkets selling 'wonky veg' and fruit that isn't deemed as perfect, which is a bloody laugh, sounds like they're trying to make fruit and veg have specific standards of what they should achieve to grow like. Grow however the heck you want, fruit and veg! Anyway, when I was in Tescos recently to get some frozen fruit, and noticed they were selling 'perfectly imperfect' berries. It was just over £2 for 1kg, and although I'm yet to use them for what I intended to - in porridge, I decided to make a drink out of them, because aside from drinking the teas I'm drinking, and water, (and maybe the rare hot chocolate now and again) I need a little...flavour in my life, you know? Plus I love a good smoothie/shake/whatever you want to call it. But making it this way, I'm getting whatever natural sugars are left in the fruit, not the bits and bobs that smoothies off the shelves put in theirs. It's quick and easy to make - in total, this took around 5 minutes? Which for someone as lazy as me, is perfect.

1 handful of mixed frozen berries
5 x watermelon balls
50ml hot water
100-150ml whole milk

1. Place berries and watermelon balls in whatever container you use to blend.
2. Add 50ml of hot water to help the frozen fruit soften up a little - don't want to go breaking the blades now, do you? If you want, put the lid on, and shake it a bit. I feel that definitely helped to soften the fruit.
3. Add your milk - if you want it to have a thicker consistency, then add less milk. If you want it to be quite runny, then add more.
4. Blend to your hearts content! Obviously if you want your drink to have pieces in and be more of a thick smoothie, just briefly blend it. I found doing mine for around 30 seconds made it thick enough that it's filling, but also at a consistency that I can drink easily.

Adding the watermelon balls takes the sharpness of the berries away slightly, which I prefer. 

I'm thinking of starting to add recipes or food ideas on here now and again as I delve more into trying to eat healthier...what do you guys think? Would that be of interest?

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