16 April 2017

Things are changing. If you have seen on social media, I kind of deleted my Twitter (then made a new one with exactly the same handle because I am clueless when it comes to thinking up names), and put a post up on Instagram, saying how I was done with the Internet and even deleted this very blog! But now, I'm sort of going back on that. Ooops. Not necessarily in the sense that I'll be delving back into everything, being a social butterfly and all that jazz. Not that I was in the first place! But let's just say, I realised deleting this little place of my on the net was probably a foolish idea. I thought deleting it all and basically just doing it without too much thinking was a wise thing. Clearly not. To be honest though, not exactly known for having much up there in the brains department.

Making it sound like I didn't mean what I said on Instagram but to an extent, I did. I'm not quite done with blogging, but I'm definitely done with a lot of the community to be truthful. I dunno, maybe it's the fact I always feel like the outsider in some shape or form, even when I do try? Basically, I just want to have my blog, chat with the few bloggers I gel with and meet others through a like mindedness of content we all create, you know?  Not follow someone just for the sake of it. If you don't like/relate to their content or it doesn't interest you, then I see no point in following them. Unless it's something you'd like to learn more about.

Also, it made me realise just how long the Internet has been in my life for, and really, how we let it take over our lives - even if we don't think it does. For well over half of my life, there's been a screen and keyboard in front of me, and although what I use that for has changed, it still feels the same. 

How would I describe how I want my relationship with social media and blogging to be? Neither here nor there, I suppose. If I want to post, I will. And will follow other blogs organically, naturally, however you want to put it. Just not to the lengths I was on Twitter because I definitely feel that following too many bloggers on numerous platforms, it does become consuming and there is that horrible feeling of comparison, even when you don't intend there to be.

God, I don't even know if this post makes any sense at all - probably not the best idea to write it when you are in a tired, post-flu, fuzzy headed state. Basically, I'm changing my attitude to blogging and social media.

So yeah...I'm back...kind of.

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