09 April 2017

I'm hoping I can include more photography on here, as it's one thing I'm trying to get more confident in doing - photographing folks. Thankfully, one of my work colleagues is fabulous in front of the camera. I get more shots to add to a portfolio, and she gets the pictures, so it works well! Yesterday after we finished, decided to make the most of the sun and do a shoot. 

The first location where we attempted to get pictures, happened to be in a field of cows (the sign said they were just grazing and that it's absolutely fine to enter the field but oh god...I was ready to leg it with the looks they were giving us) and I couldn't get where I wanted to light the shots. Basically, where most of the cows were and I didn't want to turn my back on them - yes, I'm aware I am a wimp but don't care. You are in the animal's environment and don't want to mess with that too much! Hence why those particular images aren't in this post...but y'know, I wouldn't want to pop my clogs with 'death by her inability to run without being clumsy af'. So we popped along to another location, down some country lanes. This time, it was only cars thinking they could speed down there for me to contend with! 

But not before Georgia's car decided to make a partial trip into a ditch, and had us slightly panicking, and me pushing it back out (I'm weak as hell, so taking this brief moment to make me feel as though I'm not). After all that, I think we got some pretty awesome shots. Also, very jealous that Georgia managed to pick this dress up for £4! 

I think these may be my favourite shots out of the numerous shoots we've done together. If you are interested in collabing on a shoot with me (or just want some pictures taken), drop me an email!

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