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01 April 2017

It's funny how quickly you can notice changes in yourself, when you alter parts of your life. Recently, I've not been feeling great, mentally and to be honest? Physically. If something in the world could sum me up, it would be a blobfish. If you don't know what one is, Google it and I'm sure you've felt like it once or twice in your life! A couple of weeks ago everything came to a head and to be truthful, I didn't really want to visit the doctors, as I was afraid they'd either ignore what I was saying or just refer me to classes that didn't really help me when I felt a lot worse than this, a couple of years ago (only thing that was taken away from those classes was to stop drinking caffeine, which is something I've stuck to).

So, decided to pop along to my local Holland & Barrett where the ever so cheerful woman (I'll have whatever she's having because she was more bubbly than room flooded with soap) suggested some teas for me, and tablets. Ended up going for Clipper Teas Sleep Easy, and didn't think that, or the herbal tablets I picked up would really help at all.

You know what? They've helped - both the tea and the tablets. Plus, I've been cutting out as much unnecessary sugar and salt as I can from my diet (apart from the cheeky little trip to Zizzi's I had on payday...but tried to keep that as healthy as possible, with vegan pasta, and cucumber and mint water) and trying to get greens into main meals, as well as drinking plenty of water and snacking on fruit. I've even tried smashed avocado and liked it. Even had grapefruit for breakfast one morning and didn't entirely hate it! All of this is making me feel...better, happier to an extent. Sure, there's withdrawal from sugar so I do feel a little more tired, but that's part and parcel of trying to cut stuff I'd eat and drink just because it was convenient. Even my skin is slowly but surely starting to look a little less...blotchy which is something I've felt very conscious of.

It sounds really stupid, but I'm so surprised that there's been noticeable change, that fast.

Now to see if I stick at it...

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