25 March 2017

Yes I am a woman. No, I do not belong in the kitchen. (Maybe I would if I had a flare for cooking).

Yes I am a feminist. No, I don't want to burn my bra (although I'm sure a lot of us who wear bras feel like wanting to chuck them on a fire sometimes). Feminists just want equality, simple as that.

Yes I am female. No, I am not interested in you, and for the love of God, can certain members of society realise that them trying to make a move on someone who is clearly uncomfortable with it, isn't attractive in the slightest. It's creepy, and unfair.

Yes I am gay. No, I am not attracted to every person that identifies as a woman. And just because I happen to find a guy pleasing to the eye doesn't mean my sexuality is no longer valid. Finding someone attractive and wanting to get it awwwwn with someone are surprisingly two different things! (I know right? People don't seem to fathom this).

Yes, I do think you are close-minded if you can't be accepting in some shape or form, of all the diversity within this world, whether that be race, gender, sexuality, disability, religion. No, I'm not too interested in your opinion if you aren't willing to learn and be educated.

Yes I'm not the most confident of people. No, that doesn't mean I hate myself all the time. But that doesn't mean I'm a brand new person on those days that I do think I look pretty damn attractive.

Yes I am a woman. No, don't think that I will stay silent for my fellow woman and girls because you believe for some bizarre reason, that we are not equal to men? It's tiring that this is still a belief that we are less than.

Yes, I may fall into some of the stereotypes of my gender and my sexual orientation (I happen to love flannel shirts and also have short hair...so what?) No, you don't get to decide on all of my being and existence, because of the stereotypes you relate to it.

I'm proud of who I am. It may not always seem like it, but in this day and age it feels as though even when you want to be happy with who you are, that others will always try to bring you down for it, or feel that you shouldn't be celebrated.

Thought I'd try something a little different in regards to how I write posts. Usually, it's just blabbing on and not making much sense. To be truthful, not even sure if this post makes sense!! But I wanted to get something out there that expresses how I feel at the moment. That's what writing is all about...expressing yourself.

Hoping to change the style of the content I post (sure, there will still be reviews of plays, books etc...) but I want to write more meaningful and interesting content!

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