03 March 2017

Visited Brighton on Tuesday and my friend was telling us about this place called Beelzebab that happens to do awesome vegan food. Didn't really think much of it, but as long as place have something I'll like, then it's good. Yes, I'm easily pleased. Beelzebab is within The Hope & Ruin is located a short walk away from Brighton train station, and Churchill Square. It wasn't until we arrived there that I realised it was the venue in which I photographed Sam Beeton many moons ago!

Turns out that even when a menu does cater to my interests, I will take forever to decide, but am never adventurous. I went for chilli cheese fries, whilst my friends went for various hot dogs. The place honestly felt like a set from Stranger Things - there were a ton of fairy lights and let me tell you, all I needed was a brunette wig and I could do a terrible Joyce Byers impression.

THE FOOD. HOLY MOLY. Me and my other friend took bites of our food and basically looked at each other just thinking 'holy shit this is surprisingly good'. I'm a terrible person because it wasn't until then that I tried thousand island dressing? Tried some of my friend's fries and I can only describe my reaction as flapping about with food joy. So good. The cheese? If melted vegan cheese tastes that darn good...let that run through my veins (although maybe not because my life expectancy would drop quicker than me falling over thin air). 

So, if you are in Brighton, want a quick bite to eat? Visit here. The prices were pretty good as well, the whole vibe there is really chilled, and it's definitely made me change my mind about vegan food (although I'm pescatarian at the moment, I need to make the transition to being vegetarian and maybe further down the line, vegan!)

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