06 February 2017

My bad on the lack of posts lately. I've not felt the need to post, you know what? It's been kind of nice! This is the year I chill the fuck out and post whenever I feel like it. Which is what I do anyway...basically, resist from comparing myself to other bloggers, and enjoy what content I create.

If you didn't already know, I finally have a DSLR in my life once again. A Canon EOS 1200D to be precise! Last week, I went out with Georgia, to snap away (plus Georgia in front of the camera is like...bam, pose. Bam, pose. Bam, pose, which is always helpful, for a potato like myself, hence why I'm behind the camera). And of course, being in England, on the coast...the skies were grey to say the least! But that didn't stop us, although my joints hated me the next day, that's for sure - #chronicpainprobz

(Well done Meg for wearing a hat that bloody shows up in the reflection of the window behind. Way to go. Totally part of the aesthetic, yo).

I'm really happy to have a DSLR once again - cannot wait to get my hands on a 50mm lens, lemmie tell you. 2017 is going to be the year I actually get out there and build a portfolio of portraits. Also, there's a little project I want to get rolling as well...

If you are interested in shooting with me, drop me an email!

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