24 February 2017

I think I've sort of seen the first one, but must not have watched the whole thing because I can't remember exactly what happens. What I've been told about it is that he has a dog, that some spoilt lad kills it to get to John, and that makes him want to kill the dude. I mean, can't blame Johnny boy for wanting to get revenge on someone for killing his cute little pup. Anyway, I wanted to see this after seeing Keanu Reeves on The Graham Norton Show, plus the trailer looked pretty decent.

We see him come out of retirement, or his attempt at retiring when an associate wants him to fulfill a blood oath, taken years before - I think he wanted out because of this woman he fell in love with. (No idea if their relationship is addressed in the first one, I assume that film was set after he lost her to illness). At first he's hesitant, then agrees to do it. But once he has fulfilled it, let's just say that shit starts to go down. I mean it was anyway, but the consequences of what John does, somewhat backfires on him (no pun intended).

I found this film more roughty toughty, but enjoyable than Bond films (as much as I love Daniel Craig in them, the Bond films make my eyes roll so much). Plus, Keanu Reeves. A little in love with him, to be truthful. Also, the fact he's 52 and still does as many of the fights and stunts as he possibly can is awesome. Watching this, you'll see why.

How could I forget? Ruby Rose is in the film as well and although she doesn't talk (unsure if her character just signs as that's the way she likes to communicate, or has a valid reason for doing so...) her suit game is on point. So is John's too.

Also, we need to take a moment for the colours and just overall aesthetic of this film. I love the neon undertones in many scenes, using strip lighting and ohhh the silhouettes. They're beaut. And hats off to location scouts - there aren't too many dull, dreary colours. The scene below is definitely one of my favourites - let me tell you, the exhibit would definitely been Instagram heaven for many folks.

Oh, and some great news about this film is that he has a new dog! (Which I think he got at the end of the previous film) which has no name, but is the absolute cutest. The directors clearly know the way to my heart - bearded Keanu and dogs. Overall it was an enjoyable film, there's not anything that I have a burning hatred for, and I'd happily watch it again...for you know, reasons.

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