01 January 2017

I want to make resolutions, I really do, but let's be real - I'll fail within a week or two. So, these are a few things I want to...incorporate into my life. That's a nicer way of putting it, right? Therefore if I so called 'fail' at them, then there's not as much disappointment...what the hell am I saying? You don't care about the workings of my brain, you just want to know what I want to attempt this year!

- Give a lot less fucks than I currently do. Although I have a history of not giving many, to be honest. Life is too short to worry about silly, miniscule things - I need to remember that.

- Do shoots with actual people. I love taking pictures yet I'm too nervous to approach others (online and in person) to ask if I can take their picture. This year, that's going to change - apologies if I'm a bumbling idiot that falls into your inbox

- Following on from the above, I want to use my film camera for said shoots. I went and bought a couple of rolls of film in Boots without really thinking a few days ago, because it was only a couple of quid. I need to throw myself into the thing I love. 

- Push myself out of my comfort zone, but in a way in which I'm comfortable with. Sounds a bit double Dutch, right? Years ago, I'd force myself to do things and think about the non-existent consequences later. I need to do that more. I was happy, and it gave me a boost of confidence.

- Exercise if I want. Enjoy food but be a little healthier. Took pictures this morning of myself and although they were shite pictures that most likely won't see the light of day, I didn't hate how my stomach looked. It's not flat, and yes, there are slight rolls when I sit down, but I need to drill it into my head that it's not a bad thing, that if I want to do stuff to change that, then I can, but if I don't want to, that's not a bad thing. As long as I'm happy overall, that's all that matters.

- Attend Pride. Ever since I started as identifying as LGBTQ, I've never attended a Pride. Most of the time I've been working in whatever job I had at the time. This year, I'm booking it off, and going to go. I'm going to celebrate my sexuality in the company of others who are proud of who they are.

- Try to pass my driving test. This is something that should be achievable this year, and even if I don't pass first time? I'm not going to let that get me down. By the end of 2017, I want to have my license.

- Care for myself, but also for others. This may sound silly and others probably would disagree, but I'm not very emotional. I see myself as a little cold hearted and am terrible when someone is sad, or injures themselves. I have no idea how to ask how they are in a delicate way - that isn't 'oh how are you?' because I never feel I mean it. This year, I'm going to make the effort. Going to hug folks if they feel down, be the agony aunt to their words, and just try to be supportive. Lord knows I whine to people enough, so it's time to do what they do for me.

- Make my way through all the books I currently own. I've created a list, documenting the books that are being read, and waiting to be. If I make that much of an effort with creating a list, then that means it has to happen, right?!?!?!? Think I may also try to do book reviews on here as well - as and when books are finished!

What 'lil things are you wanting to start/implement this year?

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