09 January 2017

If you've seen on my social media, you'll know I was buying books throughout last year and that kept growing and growing, yet I wasn't reading them. Out of the pile, The Forgetting Time was the book I had in my bag, but let myself get wrapped up in being on my phone instead. This year I'm trying to read more, and this is the first book of 2017 that I've finished. Okay, I started it in 2016 so in reality it's half of the book I've read this year. But let's not talk about that...let's talk about the book itself!

The book follows a four year old boy called Noah who has a fear of water, is scared to sleep at times and constantly calls Janie, his mother 'mommy-mom'. She worries he may have something wrong, so gets in touch with numerous child psychologists who are either useless, or are quick to diagnosing Noah without having idea of observing him properly, and listening to what Janie has to say. It's only when she comes across a chap called Jerome (Jerry) Anderson that things slowly but surely start to make a little sense. There are many bumps in the road, but they go on an interesting journey together.

This is Sharon Guskin's first novel and personally, I think it's damn good! The book focuses on the idea of past lives. To me, past lives and reincarnation as someone else is fascinating, and I love how Guskin looks at it. One of my favourite parts of this book is that between chapters, there will be stories of young children who have remembered past lives, and known details that only those who they once were, would know. The book itself was inspired by the work of two men - Dr Ian Stevenson and Dr Jim Tucker from the Division of Perceptual Studies at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, and it's nice that Guskin recommends books you should check out regarding it, and work that the two have been mentioned in that are worth a read.

After reading this, I feel I need to go on the search for other books that talk about past lives. I forgot how interesting I found it, until I read The Forgetting Time. I'd definitely recommend it if you wanted a relatively quick (anyone is quicker than me reading to be honest) and interesting read.

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