26 January 2017

Gosh, my blog is surely but slowly become a book blog! I say that, when this is only my third book review. But it seems to be all I'm posting lately! When I saw Gone Girl in one of my local charity shops, I had to pick it up. It's strange because when I dropped some books off in there, it was the one book I wanted to purchase and then bam...there it was, only setting me back a quid or so. I heard of this book around the time there was the hype for The Girl on the Train (the book), and that this was a thriller in the same vein. I read The Girl on the Train last year, racing to finish it before I saw the film, which although it was alright, the book was a lot better (the only redeeming quality for me in the film was Emily Blunt, to be honest - love that woman!) 

Gone Girl tells the story of Nick and Amy Dunne - Nick is suspected of killing Amy when she disappears on their fifth wedding anniversary. The story flits between the past and present, her diary entries and his thoughts of what unfolds. So, I suppose that's where the similarity of both books lies, and to me? Ends. 

I love that throughout the book, they both become these characters that although they feel they're different from one another, they are in fact ever so similar. And in a way? Whenever something is revealed, that there's yet another lie that has been told, you as the reader feel betrayed, which I think is an awesome way of writing. You somehow feel involved in this convoluted, twisted tale.

Overall, the book gripped me in parts, I loved the twist and turns. But after finishing the final page, I just feel...okay about it? There wasn't anything that made want to wail 'what, you are leaving it on THAT note?' The ending just felt a bit, lacklustre. It was a good book, but I wouldn't go running back to read it again. And I don't know how I feel about the women either? I liked Go, but then I felt there were stereotypical characters doing stereotypical things as well. I suppose you aren't going to get 'fully formed' characters because in this story, every character has something they are hiding or not telling certain parties, therefore it shows you they all have flaws and that everything isn't as perfect as others think.

You should follow my Goodreads page if you have one - I want to find more books to read, and see what others recommend! According to my challenge which I set up over on there for the year (to read 25 books) I'm 12% of the way, which considering we're just coming to the end of January, is pretty good, at least for me, someone who has failed terribly at taking the time to read books for so many years. It's enjoyable having evenings where I'll just read, and spend little or no time watching TV or being online.

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