31 December 2016

We need to embrace that feeling of community, of friendship even with strangers. I went to one of the charity shops I usually drop stuff into, but never really talk to them? Just take a bunch of stuff, get their thanks which I think is always lovely, with how appreciative they are, and then go, leaving them with a ton of new stock (I suck at chucking stuff away so it's always a few too many black sacks full of stuff).
Today, I went in purely to feed my need of wanting to add to the collection of books I'm gathering....I suppose it's a teeny tiny library of my own, of worlds to invest myself in and forget whatever crap is going on in the world around me. For me, I want to delve into books in 2017. Open my mind. And of all places to go, this is where I felt a community buzzing in the background. A community that was on the outskirts of where I once lived but never took part in.

People were talking, wishing each other a Happy New Year for 2017 which is banging on the proverbial door, wanting to be let in, and it made me smile. You may think it's a strange place for me to suddenly feel warm and fuzzy about how lovely we are as humans. Especially as there are so many simultaneous shitstorms happening in the world, with that toupee wearing tangerine, and a certain B****t cloud looming over here in Blighty (which is happening slower than a tortoise in sinking sand), as well as ceasefires never holding and innocent people losing their lives because of it. So, someone saying something simple as hello, or me getting a little too excited when the dude in the shop tells you that all the books are buy one get one free - I picked up 4 books for £2, that's crazy...FOUR! (Now I have 24 or so books to read through 2017...) As well as how flushed and happy I was when the older woman who works there pointed out my 'Power To The Girls' jumper and was like 'YES!!!' with the biggest grin on her face. And it did make me feel empowered that I was connecting with someone else, a complete stranger who felt the same (also she's the first person to point out how awesome my jumper is irl, so that made me very happy).

I think that's one of the things we need to take into 2017. Community, or at least seeing eye to eye with people around us on the things that matter. Change in the world isn't going to happen if we don't act as a community in some shape or form. And yes, we know there are varying opinions on many things, but I feel that certain people will need to buck up their ideas and actually think of others and how things will change their lives, not just thinking of numero uno all the time. Especially with the crap that is going to come our way, regardless of who you are...they won't be fun times, so the way to get through it? Try to stick together and raise our voices.

Wanted to do a round-up post of the year, but you know what? I couldn't be bothered. Frankly, we've all had good parts, we've all had bad. I want to focus on the little things I have learnt this year, and what I'll take on board, come 2017.

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