30 December 2016

That's what I'd like to call my method of thinking, and probably the best way to describe my brain. I simultaneously procrastinate whilst also wanting certain things in a really exact manner, which isn't the best thing to do. It's a mixed up ol' way of doing things, believe me. At the same time, I will do things on a total whim, not think about it and JUST DO IT (read in Shia LaBeouf's voice), thinking about the consequences afterwards.

Why am I talking about how I feel my brain works, I hear you ask! Okay, you aren't asking that, but it segues into the reason for this post. Most of us blogging are making this thing up as we go along, right? With no real idea of where we want our blogs to go, or what we want them to become. Doing it as a hobby on the side, a way to let some steam off or the creative juices flow. Some folks...they have made their blog a brand, a style, something that encapsulates them, or gives you an idea of who they are to an extent. What I'm trying to say is that in the blogging world I kind of feel like I did in school, and suppose I do in life too? And that feeling is that of floating. I have no idea what my brand would be, I never write tips for this, that or the other, OOTD posts that make people rush out to buy the items I'm wearing (mainly because my look is potatoes wanting to break free from the jail that is the potato sack). Make-up isn't my forte...I wouldn't even know how to put eyeliner on without poking myself in the eye a million times.

But you know what? I'm not bothered. I don't have a niche, I don't have a plan (currently), and I'm not posting that often - hopefully the latter will change...soon. Don't even get me started on my style of photography and theme on Instagram. That changes more than a set of traffic lights! I want my content to develop and grow organically, and the way that will do so, and into a style I suppose, is by me posting when the content is something I feel happy posting. Something that may help others. I suppose that's what my 'thing' is? I'm not an agony aunt, but my long, babbling posts about things such as coming out as gay, when I'd been identifying as bisexual for the past 5 years, as well as why we need to be a little selfish in life, and why it's perfectly fine to back out of something (even if it's something you see as major in your life) have gained great responses from people, and for me? Having someone comment that a post sums up how they are feeling at that point in time, or made them realise something? To me, that's a massive compliment. To see that someone has understood my post...hence the disorganised organisation I feel my mind has? I get that little buzz of 'oh my god someone actually understands and somewhat relates to me and my babbling on?'

I suppose the same goes for life. We don't really know what's happening but as long as it's organised in some shape or form, however small, then we can get through it.

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