26 November 2016

I'll tell you one thing. If you worry that you are not ticking certain boxes that you hoped to do so when you were younger, don't fret. For years, the one thing I have noticed and am sure you all have too, is that everyone around you is moving - that they are going up that escalator, at a staggering speed, achieving things whilst you seem to feel as though you are just keeping your head above water.

But just because they seem to be going places and you feel as though you are going nowhere, don't take it to heart. Don't feel you have to achieve things by certain ages! I'm going to be 30 in just over 4 years, and you know what? That's terrifying as hell, let me tell you. It only feels like yesterday since I was at secondary school (guess what? It's 9 years since I left). When I see what I've done, routes that could have been taken but I stopped, looked around and went down some other path, off the beaten track because I was inquisitive. There's always that thought of what might have been.

Lately, I've started to take a step back and tried to stop worrying about what I have and haven't achieved. It's finding that balance of challenging yourself, making those changes in your life and pushing out of your comfort zone now and again. There are a couple of things coming up for me that will most definitely push me out of my comfort zone...but I'm trying to take them at a pace, and in my own way that won't send me running in the opposite direction. Sometimes in order to change or overhaul things, we need to take small steps, instead of thinking we need to leap and bound to get anywhere.

Don't beat yourself up for not being where you envisaged your life to be. A overused phrase, but shit happens. Both in your life and the world around us, and it changes things up. Things keep moving and not necessarily in a way we want. It's how we deal with it all that's the real challenge. We learn, we grow, and we evolve. You may not notice it, happens.

Apologies for the lack of posts here, I just haven't felt very inspired or motivated to post. No point in posting if the content is rubbish, right? Anyway I have some time off work, so may attempt to plan some content, and try to get back into the swing of things again.

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