03 October 2016 Soho, London

This was something I wasn't expecting to visit. I heard about it, saw fellow bloggers chat about it on their blogs and in my head, I thought it had been and gone. Oh no. Yesterday, me and my friends were near the Palace Theatre (obviously took a picture of it outside because it looks awesome), and out the corner of my eye I saw a woman holding a sign about an exhibition down the road showing the graphic design behind Harry clicked and I stood there just pointing and squealing at my friends. Another woman handed us these gorgeous flyers - look at them, and off we went down the road. On the way, my friend became a pigeon whisperer when we spotted this poor pigeon that had managed to get inside of a pub, but couldn't get back out? (Not even kidding, a woman in the pub called her a pigeon whisperer). She basically managed to get it, carry outside and let it fly off. And whilst this was happening, I'm 99% sure Sally from Corrie was outside sat at a table at the restaurant next door? Quite a weird moment in general, but memorable nevertheless.

Anyway, off we went down the road to the exhibit. There was a small queue to get in - because the exhibition is over a few levels, but the building itself is tiny in regards to each floor? So they have to do a numbers thing, and let people in once so many are out etc...we only had to wait about 5 minutes or so and in we went. It felt like Christmas came early to be honest.

I admire graphic design, but know nothing about it. Basically it's one of those things I would love to do, but have no idea where I'd start because the skills for it are something I most likely don't have. But when we got to the second floor, oh my god, I started freaking out when I saw Harry's acceptance letter to Hogwarts? Don't even get me started with The Marauders Map. So pretty. They even had the floor on that level as the Marauders Map, I believe. Did take a few pictures, but they're kinda crappy because I clearly cannot hold my phone properly! I lost it when there was the letter Ron received from Molly. They had a copy framed, and then in the glass cabinet they had an actual constructed version of it...which was overwhelming in an awesome way? Like, all these designs in front of our very eyes are things we've all come to know and love in such a great series of books and films.

I assume that this exhibit will be around until Cursed Child finishes it's run, seeing as it's literally a street or two away. It's free entry, so if you are a Harry Potter fan, or appreciate graphic design, I would recommend getting along to see it! Also, they have the prettiest gift shop on the ground floor...which would have got my money, had I not bought one too many things from Forbidden Planet! But if you can't get along to visit it, you can buy stuff from their store online.

Would you visit a Harry Potter exhibition? Is that actually a stupid question for me to ask? 

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