25 June 2016

I feel like this week has been a really shit one for many of us. Although my birthday was nice and chilled. Also, my cactus has a little hairdo, which is amusing me every single time I walk past it. Apart from that, I've been without power for 37 hours, and only got it back yesterday afternoon, so wasn't able to follow the referendum, because I was trying to conserve my phone's battery as best as I could. But yes, the United Kingdom is basically going down the toilet thanks to those who voted Leave. Like so many others, I am shocked that so many people voted to be rid of the EU? I can understand people's annoyance with certain things within the EU government and laws themselves. 

But I feel that people who wanted to leave are those that either didn't research into it that much, thought what Farage, Johnson and Gove were saying was definitely going to happen...newsflash, it's not. Farage admitted that like, three of the things said about in their campaign was untrue. (Good one, you had about how much the UK would make back from the EU for the NHS all over the campaign. ON BUSES, ON LEAFLETS. To be honest, that's all I ever heard or took away from any debates I caught on TV).

Also, I wouldn't trust a man who says that they won without a bullet being fired. That absolutely disgusted me. He doesn't even have the decency to at least respect that Jo Cox died, whilst trying to do a constituency surgery. And that's not why they won. They won because people seem to have it in their minds that leaving the European Union somehow gives us a fresh start, that borders will automatically close to anyone who isn't 'British' and that we'll just all live happily ever after. That's not the case at all.

I think those of us who wanted to remain are numb because we have no idea what the future holds for us, our children and so on...the Leave folks are probably thinking the same, but seem more hopeful about it. I don't see why. At least if we remained, sure, things wouldn't be fabulous but we'd have a lot of things that we are now most likely going to lose. There are certain rights that we may no longer have, the freedom to travel around Europe will now entirely change...the list could go on and on. To be honest, we don't know the whole picture of just how much we're going to change as a nation. I want to call us Great Britain, but are we? Really? Because the nation is now totally divided over the result.

Before this referendum came about, things weren't great. Far from it. We loathe the most of those in government and I am sure that I'm not the only who couldn't name one person in some form of power that truly represents all I stand for. There's always bits and bobs from certain people, and you vote for who you feel ticks the most boxes for you. But with this referendum, it was vague. To me, it felt even more vague than the general elections - it felt like posh schoolboys just arguing, and not giving a hoot about the people that this will actually affect.

If this referendum hadn't happened, we'd be rejoicing at David Cameron saying he is resigning, come October. Yet, we are all afraid of the possibility of Boris Johnson taking his place. Who thought that day would come? I most certainly didn't.

Whilst I am only one voice, who isn't as educated as others in politics, I am just a blogger saying my piece about this part of history that is going to change mine, and so many other young people's lives for god know's how long. At least if we remained in the EU, there would have possibly been the chance to have a referendum further down the line. But being out of the EU isn't like catching a bus. You can't just hop on whenever you want, and then jump off when it gets too much. This is people's lives. 

I'm not ageist by any means, but do feel that if there are restrictions on when you first start voting, then there should be a cut off point too. Especially if it's something that isn't going to hinder the lives of those who are older. I'm not saying to cart them off to the nearest nursing home, but maybe rethink exactly what demographics should be voting. Suppose that the only good thing about this all, is that lots of young people voted, and that many wanted to remain. 

Maybe many moons down the line, this shitstorm will turn into clear waters. I'm not hopeful, but with the uproar in the results, that hopefully we'll be able to make changes in a country that will be unlike anything we've been used to in our lifetime. 

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