11 May 2016

I finally got around to watching Suffragette, after buying it on DVD back in February and it just being sat in the corner for me to get around to watching it sometime. Well, tonight was the night, and I feel it should be compulsory viewing for so many people. For young girls, boys and anyone who really wants to know the grass roots of feminism, and why women want equal rights. It has honestly got me so fired up, watching the film. As I was watching it, although it's a different time period, so much resonates with women of today, in regards to how many treat us. The history books tell you what happened, and to an extent, us women can feel it in ourselves, in the stories our families and relatives tell us about the way they, or those before them were raised...we don't realise, even when it's etched in the stone of history what women have been through, in order to get us the vote. When I go to the polling station, I will always vote as women fought and died, for us to have the right to do so. And if my vote means we keep out one less sexist, upper-class white dude out of a seat in the House of Commons? Then that's something.

I'm a feminist. I see no shame whatsoever in wanting the same rights as men...after all, there are just as many of us in the world as there are men. I want to be judged on how I work, and my ideas - not the genitalia I have. I don't want to be seen as lesser than a man, just because of my gender. I am not less. I am equal. I am female, and proud of it. I should be allowed to live in this world being the truest version of myself without fear of judgement, in regards to my sexuality, my attitude and my existence in this world.

Us women? Without us, the world would be without a lot of things. 

If there was no Hedy Lamarr, we wouldn't have Wi-Fi. Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the first women in US politics, and led humanitarian causes. Without Florence Nightingale, modern nursing would be a lot different to what it is. If Billie Holiday didn't exist, then we wouldn't know jazz as it is today. Without women like Gloria Steinem, there would be fishes that think they need bikes to survive. Learning about artists like Georgia O'Keeffe when I was in school showed me that art is such a open and wide thing that as long as you are creating something that is of meaning to you...then it's art. If Stephanie Kwolek hadn't stayed on at DuPont after her temporary research position ended, then Kevlar would not exist, and many people would not be alive if it wasn't for her discovery.

Marie Curie, Vivian Maier, Princess Diana, Malala Yousafzai, Serena Williams, Amelia Earhart, Helen Keller...the list could go on for eternity. We can all think of women who have invented something, dared to do something different or make a change in the world. Men may be in positions of power in regards to politics. But just like the suffragettes...us women are there. It may be a different decade, and a different world to what those women fought for, all those years ago - but in some parts of the world, women still don't have a voice. In the credits for the film, there were many countries that were behind England in getting the votes for women. But the shocking thing is, is that so many countries still don't allow women to have a voice.

So those of us who can speak? We need to speak for those that can't talk. Whether that be by protesting, educating others or voicing our opinions on social media, or in print. Especially for those that are either unable to speak, or are stopped from doing so. Yes, we still have a long way to go...but the suffragettes? Without them, do we want to imagine what our lives would be like now, had they not protested, fought and sacrificed their lives for equality? We need to carry on what they started.  

Never surrender. Never give up the fight.



    The Suffragettes is a movie I've been meaning to watch but never quite seem to get around to it. I'd have to do it ASAP. Compared to a lot of the people I know, I feel as if calling myself a 'feminist' is a bit of a leap just because I feel as if I don't understand the issue enough to exclaim it to the world. That said, however, I DO believe and agree that women should have equal rights as men.

    If there's one thing I'm passionate about, though, it is women in the STEM fields, especially the technology industry, largely because I'm preparing to carve my future in the industry, so women in Tech? Hell to the yes.

    I also live in a country where, while women aren't necessarily oppressed, there is a large gender inequality (in addition to race), so being a voice in this matte when we can is extremely vital.

    Thank you for this, Meg. x


  2. THIS FILM. Genuinely one of the best films I have ever, ever watched. I was literally stuck to my seat and had goosebumps the whoooole way through. It is SUCH an important film and I would recommend that everybody should watch it. I had no idea of the depth of the struggles woman had against men and it opened my eyes to how lucky we are today (though still a long way to go). I will never, EVER not vote again either.

    Women are amazing, men are amazing. This post is so damn empowering and I really love you for it. I genuinely got goosebumps reading it. You fucking rock, Meg!!

    xx ❤ La Coco Noire

  3. GOD! There's NO shame in wanting equal rights because WHY THE HELL NOT! I have to watch this movie!

    Not Your Type Blog

  4. Loving that you're listing all these powerful women here, have to watch that ☺
    Nati xx

  5. I REALLY need to watch this! #badfeminist

    Loved this post, thank your for using the 'label' so proudly! We need more people declaring themselves like this, every little helps <3

  6. I've never seen the film but I really really need to. I feel like feminism is such a dirty word these days but it's so important to praise women and realise how important our rights are. I love this post!


  7. feminism has such a negative connotation to it sometimes for some people when it really shouldn't be. it's supposed to be good for everyone but in the world we live in with so many different people with different perspectives, there's bound to be that one person that'll always be on the opposite side of the argument :/


  8. thanx for your interesting post


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