02 April 2016

Yesterday, I bought a gorgeous jumpsuit from the H&M x Coachella collection. Was also tempted to buy this beautiful dress, but let's not get carried away, you know? Self-confidence issues and all that jazz. I didn't even know there was a collab between the two, to be truthful. But I'm not exactly up to date on the fashion front. If I like something, I'll buy it. End of. What I usually do is pop into somewhere, see a nice item of clothing and thought 'You know what?' That, I need in my life'. And for £7.99 I couldn't say no. Bought the biggest size they had in stock on that particular day which is a 14. No biggie as in most shops I am a 14, but sometimes fit into a 12. Carried on shopping, because I remembered earlier in the day that I wanted a jean jacket for so long (wanting to rock the 'two kinds of denim but on occasion double denim' look) Couldn't find any oversized or larger fit ones.

Eventually, I bought one from the men's section in New Look. But when I was in Topshop (and basically saw the dreamiest denim jacket and also bomber jacket), I noticed a pair of jeans in a size 6, and it just made me feel down for quite some time. First off because they looked so tiny, and compared to them, I felt like a beached whale. And secondly, because back in the day at college when worries were a little more non-existent, I was fitting into size 6 and 8. Now my hips and thighs have made their presence known, I am slightly larger than that. But what annoys me is the range of sizes in shops. In one place I could be a 12. In another 14. In one shop, I've had to buy a size 16 in trousers because of my thighs! We all know this pain too well, don't we? And it does knock your confidence. I'm not hating on petite ladies, or plus size. I just hate that I'm in this middle ground, and that although the clothes are there, none fit me in a way I feel happy with. It's not 'finding the right piece' and taking the time to try stuff on. It's the fashion industry. They churn out things for the money. As long as they are getting money and seeing their stuff in magazines, it's a win for them. Anyway, rant about shops and their sizings, over.

This morning, I tried on the jumpsuit I bought. I clipped on the cute little fabric brooches I got from Topshop for £3 (considering Topshop is somewhere I've avoided for the past couple of years, I've got a few bargains in there lately!) and threw on my denim jacket to see what it all looked like.

Thought it all looked pretty snazzy together and could be a style I start to rock more. Took the jacket off and realised how the jumpsuit made me look like I have more bumps than a British road with potholes in, and yet again, started to feel like I did the day before. But then at the same time I kept thinking to myself - sure, there are lumps and bumps (did you totally freak out right there like I do when a character in a TV show says the name of the show they are in?) that I have which aren't typically 'desirable'. I wouldn't have the confidence to just go out in the jumpsuit unless I have something covering up said lumps and bumps.  But they are my lumps and bumps and I'll do what I please with them. If I don't want to exercise, and can live without them without constant worry? Cool. If I want to wear tight or baggy clothes, that's up to me. If I want to go to the gym, eat a little healthier and do stuff to makes those lumps and bumps a little smoother? That's also a-okay.

I realised that in any picture of my whole body, I am either wearing something to cover up any kind of thing that represents that my stomach is far from flat. That, or I try to hide my body. But it's time to stop being anxious over how we look, and be proud of every lump and bump. Every stretch mark that represents our growth as human beings. We mentally grow, people know that. Yet we are so scared to show that we physically change. Obviously if you are uncomfortable with it, then don't force yourself to change how you dress. I know I'm not going to be wearing short skirts or shorts (nobody wants to see my knees that look like elbows on steroids) and will most likely still rock the baggy items of clothing in my wardrobe, and be constantly pulling on those items that are a little tighter.
I am Meg. I am of average height, and I weigh more than I'd like to. But you know what I hate? Snide remarks that I've gained a little weight. That my bum looks a little bigger, or that something has changed. So what? First off, I will take any weight on my butt, seeing as it often resembled a pancake when I was younger. I am glad that as my hair grows and I grow, that I feel more of a woman, even if in the rest of my life I still feel clueless and as though I am floating around in a bubble. I refuse to be judged for decisions I make - whether that be wanting to lose weight, or wanting to eat all the pizza I want. It's my body and my life. I'll make the choices round here.

So much for stepping back from my blog, right? 


  1. I love this post! It's so refreshing to hear that you're confident to wear exactly what you want, however you want and whenever you want without caring what anyone else thinks of you!

  2. This is such a refreshing post and from what you show in your photos you look great. Fashion is supposed to be an expression of personality so you rock it how ever you feel fit! I hope this post inspires others as much as it has me. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  3. Freaking loved this post, and this look! It's so true, our bodies are our own and we should do whatever the hell we want with them. Your passion for this topic has really got to me in a good way, and I feel as though I need to tell myself this more. So thank you Meg! x

    PS. Whatever you say about lumps and bumps, I think you look freaking gorgeous in all these photographs.

  4. Lovely top! ♡

    Happy Saturday! ~ Love from Slovakia ♥
    ♡ Yankee Candle ♡

  5. i'm sure you look awesome, we could be a tad too self-critical when it comes to our bodies. but seriously one of my secret confident boosters is Spanx. really takes care of the lumps for a quick fix :)

  6. This post is perfect. You are right, lumps and bumps are our own and we can do what we want with them!! I absolutely love your blog and I find it so warming to read. You totally have the right attitude and you rock that playsuit!!

  7. The jumpsuit looks good!!

  8. the print is cute!
    as for the dress, you should've bought it and rocked it anyway! be confident :)

  9. I feel you sister. Gone are the days when I was a skinny Minnie fitting in to size 6 or 8 clothes. It would be a dream now, but as I've got older I've come to (nearly) accept my curvaceous hips/lady lumps as best as I can. It's difficult sometimes, especially seen as my husband has remained a rake since we got together 9 years ago.
    Bee |

  10. Ahh, I love this Meg! The outfit looks amazing and well done you for just saying 'fuck it'. I went from a tiny size 8 to a size 12 as soon as puberty hit but I'm ok with it now. I love me for me and at the end of the day, I'm healthy and happy and that is the main thing! x

    Emily -

  11. i think this looks great on you! i often feel like i can't wear really fitted things because of my body shape but i'd like to get over that! as long as you like it, nothing else really matters :)

    danielle | avec danielle

  12. Absolutely! I'm slowly learning to be more accepting of my body thanks to the rise in body-positivity and blogs like this one. Your body is strong and beautiful and no one should make you feel otherwise. Those comments make me so angry!

    You're gorgeous.

    | | bloglovin' |


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