28 February 2016

I'll admit now, I want to cosplay...badly. I've been going to conventions for a few years now but am yet to get into the guise of a fictional character whom I adore. But the thing is, there are so many characters I love in various shows that it's hard to choose. Also there's the fact that most of my favourite characters probably have costumes that are hard to source, or expensive to attempt to recreate. So, thought I'd talk about wardrobe cosplays - dress like your favourite characters, but with items of clothing you'd most likely wear aside from a convention, or wherever you decided to cosplay. Here's a few ideas I've come up with, from some of my favourite shows.

closet/wardrobe cosplay for sarah manning in orphan black

Biker Jacket - £165 - Topshop
The Clash, London Calling Tee - £9.99 - Blue Banana
Super Rip Jamie Jeans - £45 - Topshop
Mitchell Ankle Boots - Were £82, now £40 - Topshop

In the first episode, we see Sarah Manning rock a very similar tee with The Clash on. If it's a hot day, then roll the sleeves up like Sarah does. Talking of sleeves, I'm in love with the ribbed ones on this biker jacket. You can't go wrong with a leather jacket, can you? And whilst we see Sarah doing a lot of running around throughout the show, these boots would be perfect as they are both quite flat and stylish. Comfy and stylish? WINNING. All you need to do is rock the bed hair, do a couple of small French plaits on one side of your head, you can start saying "You're damn right" in all the mirrors you see.

Sarah always needs a reminder of her little monkey, Kira with her, doesn't she? So top the outfit off with this monkey bracelet by Vivienne Westwood, and you are good to go. 

closet/wardrobe cosplay for dana scully in the x-files
Soft Tailored Jacket - £55 - Topshop 
Long Sleeve Shirt - £29 - Topshop
JUNO Soft Glove Mid Shoes - £59 - Topshop 

What would a post related to anything close to television be, without the mention of one of my favourite fictional characters, Dana Scully? As soon as she popped into my head, I started thinking of oversized suits. But I felt wide leg trousers with a large jacket would be a bit too much. So, some cigarette trousers would go great with this tailored jacket. Go a size or two up in the jacket to recreate the oversized look. If you don't happen to have fiery red locks, and don't want to rock a wig? Channel it through these cute shoes with a nice mid heel.

And of course, there has to be a nod to the show in some shape or form, right? Redbubble is the place for all your fandom needs. If you want something with a quote from your favourite show or film, you'll most likely find it there. 

closet/wardrobe cosplay for carol peletier in the walking dead
Jersey Vest Top - £3.99 - H&M
Cargo Pants - £19.99 - H&M
Long Sleeved Top - £9.99 - H&M

Carol, Carol, Carol. You mention The Walking Dead to me and I will not shut up about Carol Peletier, let me tell you! I'll scream CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT from the rooftops. Love her. Anyway, I love this look which I modeled off of this shot, and am actually tempted to snap up some of these pieces, both for the comfort factor and a potential cosplay. For a cosplay all you'd need to do is buy some coloured hair spray or chalks (or a wig), dirty yourself up a bit with fake blood, and have a stare that could both hug anyone who looks, but kill any walkers (zombies for those of you who don't watch the show), and you are good to go!

closet/wardrobe cosplay for rory williams in doctor who

Checkered Shirt - £14.99 - H&M
Fuji Gilet - £74.99 - Superdry
MOTO Grey Mom Jeans - £40 - Topshop
PALLADIUM Pampa-Hi Boot - £50 - Topshop

Now this is something I kind of already own (minus the gilet). Although it's a cosplay for a male character, there is no reason why you couldn't do it. Plus I love when people cosplay a character of another gender, but put a really awesome twist on it somehow. I mean, I've seen some female Captain America cosplays that are freakin' awesome as heck. 

Anyway...back to Rory. The poor guy! I'm sure when episodes aired, everyone thought if his character was in an ep, he was going to pop his clogs. But he was a good character, and c'mon...tell me you teared up a little when he waited outside the Pandorica for 2,000 years for Amy. That's like, timey-wimey relationship goals to the extreme. The great thing with this look is that you could actually drop the gilet and you be Amy Pond - draw some tally marks on yourself, say you don't know why the tally marks are there and you have a Day of the Moon cosplay!

If you could cosplay any character from TV or film, who would you choose?


  1. This is a cool idea! I do get quite a lot of inspo from films, ideally I'd dress like Winona Ryder in Girl, Interrupted. I love the girls in Ghost World too! You should so do cosplay, it looks like loads of fun x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  2. I don't cosplay at all, but I think it's always a more feasible idea to wardrobe cosplay than character cosplay!


  3. such a cool idea! i've been meaning to watch orphan black, the first one is something i would probably wear anyway haha

    danielle | avec danielle

  4. I LOVE wardrobe cosplay. I kind of did it when I was in Disneyland, I disneybounded as Snow White which is basically wardrobe play. It was AWESOME! I want to do it again with EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER! YES.

    xx Bash | H E Y   B A S H | bloglovin'

  5. Great post dear! Love this looks especially the first one! ❤
    xx Pisa

  6. This is such a cool idea, as a former cosplayer! Xx

  7. I'm a huge TV fan so I love this idea! When I was in high school I used to try and slightly alter my uniform and change my hair and makeup so that I looked like whichever TV character I was loving at the time. I love the thought you put into Sarah's look here as well, especially with the bracelet!

  8. I've never watched The X files before (I know) but I kinda need to just based on that outfit, literally perfect!


  9. I love this idea! It's such a good way to incorporate a favourite character into an outfit! x

  10. Seriously love these, great idea! I really like your blog, let me know if you would like to follow each other!

  11. I need that bracelet and orange shoes! Gorgeous! Great post lovely xx

  12. These outfits are actually really cute and would make awesome outfits regardless if for cosplay or not. Love Sarah Manning's outfit the best. Orphan Black is such a great show.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  13. Great post! love all the sets!


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