30 November 2015 London

I was going to call this post 'The flailings of a fangirl' but resisted. Although to be honest, that's what this post is going to be about, due to what I got to attend last Tuesday. Yup, a bit behind on posting this, but I had to cut down the amount of flailing. On Monday evening Sky Living sent out a tweet asking if any fans of The Blacklist would be in London on Tuesday evening. My friend actually tagged me in a tweet and without that, I wouldn't have seen it! So obviously I could be in London if I needed to be...

Turns out that Sky Living HD were having a screening of The Blacklist and after the episode, a Q&A with James freakin' Spader. So yes...this is going to be a post solely dedicated to what happened because guys, if you couldn't tell from various outbursts on Twitter, Raymond Reddington is a suave mother trucker and you cannot tell me otherwise. Basically, I'm a fan of The Blacklist, if you didn't get the hint. It's a show I got into a bit late. But from the first episode, was hooked. When I got to the venue, I managed to grab a front row seat. YESSSS.

james spader from the blacklist q&a with sky living

After the episode, came the Q&A and I asked him a question? Fo' reals? I didn't stumble on my words at all? WHAT THE HELL MEG? My hand just kind of, went up without realising because I actually had thought of a question the day before that I wanted to ask - but thought I would manage to make a fool of myself like I've done so in any other Q&A I've attended and asked a question, by somehow tripping up on my words, or blurting out something silly. Still remember the time I asked Frances Barber a question and then ended it with "ohmygodiloveyourvoice". Way to go Meg! But yes, I succeeded in asking my question which was basically along the lines of the fact they have great guest stars, and if there is anyone he would like to see on the show playing someone on the list, what kind of criminal would they be etc...

He talked about all the characters that are Reddington's team as such. Those that are there to help clean up certain situations etc...that they're the people he loves when they reappear on the show. He then went on to talk about them all, and glad that one of his favourites is also actually mine - Mr. (Kate) Kaplan played by Susan Blommeart. But it was so sweet when he sung Hisham Tawfiq (Dembe)'s praises. He told us about the fact that Hisham had been working as a New York fireman up until last year, when he retired. So, by the sounds of it he was acting AND working as a fireman? What a dude.  And I can't balance too many things in my life without feeling like it's too much. Definitely need to take lessons from Hisham.

james spader from the blacklist q&a with sky living

There were some interesting questions from other people, and I can't remember the exact question but someone asked about what his favourite thing was to work on, and he talked about many parts of different jobs he liked, but that for him it's not the final product as such he is bothered about, it's the people he gets to work alongside, the fun he gets to have with cast and crew. And I think that's so nice! He told a story about the director on one thing he filmed in New Orleans, and each day they'd order food from somewhere different, and just working with the director, it was moments like that he'll always cherish.

I can't get over how much eye contact James likes to have when he's answering a question. Seriously, I was like one of the Penguins of Madagascar - smile and wave boys, smile and wave...but replace that waving with nodding. Overall it was an awesome evening and Sky Living? You were totally right about it being an early Christmas present. I mean, I've had major eye contact with James Spader. It's all cool. I'm absolutely fine, honestly. It's not like his voice is melted chocolate, resting on a silk sheet, floating on a cloud or anything. Nope. No way.

Who would you want to have a Q&A session with?

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