21 November 2015

I feel that folks in the blogging community, and just friends in general haven't been feeling too top-notch as of late...myself included! To be honest, I blame the weather. But felt I needed to do a post on why it's okay to not be okay sometimes, and that what you are feeling is perfectly normal. It shall pass! (Mwahaha, I'm basically Gandalf, except not).

1. Life isn't a race, a competition of one-upmanship. Yes, it's somewhat ingrained in our minds to try and better ourselves, succeed etc...which isn't a bad thing but when you start trying to be...better than everyone just so you can rub it in others faces? Then it starts to show, and not necessarily for the right reasons and to be truthful, a bit ugly. We're called individuals for a reason. (Okay, pass the grater guys because that was cheesy as hell. But also kind of...very true). Being yourself is a good thing, okay? I was a bit of a weird one in school and to be honest, always have. But deep down I am happier being like that, than trying to fit into a mould of what other people want.

2. Just because your friend or someone you know is doing well or at least you think they are, doesn't mean you are a failure. And hey, don't necessarily think that they've been handed it on a platter. Which leads on nicely to my next point...

3. We all have our own path in life. Things happen for everyone at different times. Gosh, I'm pulling out all the cliche sayings aren't I? But it's so true. Don't think that because you've not achieved something by a certain age that life is over. Things take time to come to fruition and as long as they eventually do in some shape or form. That's cool.

4. You realise when things are wrong. Now, it may take some time to do anything about said things, but the fact you've noticed something is wrong, and needs to have something done about it? That's great! You must admit there is a slight weight off your shoulders when you've realised you need to get rid of a friend that you know deep down, is doing more bad than good in your life, or that you need to get yourself out of a certain situation. 

5. If things don't work out? Don't panic! Try to take lessons away from them to help you grow as an individual. What is life if you don't make a few mistakes here and there? It's not supposed to be a nice smooth journey - there are going to be bumps in the road. You just need to realise that you have to roll with them, and not give up. 

6. You learn what you don't want in life. Sure, it's cool to know what you do want in life. But it's also pretty good to know what things to avoid with a bargepole, as then you can spend more time focusing on the important things in your life. 

7. Things you are worrying about aren't as bad as you think they are. This is a tip I really need to take on board myself, being someone who still manages to worry, even when they shut off any kind of worrying! It's easier said than done to just 'stop worrying'. But if it's difficult to do that, just try to avoid thinking of 'worst case scenarios' and distract yourself, so you don't think about it, until it's too late! When I really try this, it does work! I may still worry a little, but a lot less than I usually would.

8. You've made progress. You may not think it, but compare current you, to younger you. I guarantee that things have changed in your life. Be proud of that! I bet there are events in your past that you thought you couldn't get through because they seemed so difficult at the time. But look, you made it! Give yourself a high five, hug or something.

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