07 October 2015

Tuesday 6th October will mark the day I finally met the woman whose music has been there for me more than some people, over the past 12 years or so. Basically half of my life! So a pretty awesome day in my book. If you follow me on social media then you've probably seen the picture but I need to do a post on the day because it's been so unexpected but also a long time coming! Also, it's probably going to be quite a loooong post, both with pictures and words a'plenty. And yes the picture will be included twice in this post because I'm still in a state of disbelief that it happened and will continue to be feeling like it for quite some time!

It was announced last week that Delta Goodrem was coming to London to perform at G-A-Y. I was tempted to go because hello, it's Delta and I've waited donkey's years to see her in person, whether that be to meet her, or see her perform. But the worry of being in a crowd and a club environment made me realise going wouldn't be a wise idea in case of a panic attack. So was a little annoyed that after waiting so long, the one time I could see her, my body, my mind would let me down! If you know me, then you know that I've been a fan of hers since around the age of 12 or so. Her music filled my teenage years, helped me take my mind off of things that were happening, like being bullied at school, amongst other things. Basically, she's a pretty fab lady.

So imagine my surprise and joy when a friend tweeted on Monday afternoon that she'd be at Sony (her label) on Tuesday. Well, I wasn't doing anything on Tuesday so I decided pretty quickly that it was happening. Although I actually had no idea what she'd be doing there. To be honest I didn't really care, as long as I got to meet her in some shape or form and possibly get a picture. It obviously meant a lot to me because I started shaking, and I rarely shake! The only other time I have is after meeting Matt Smith back in 2012, so it's a rare ol' thing. Tuesday morning came and off I went to London, turning up and hour or so before she was supposed to arrive and waited until other folks appeared. Thankfully some friends I met through Delta's official forum god knows how long ago, soon arrived on the scene. It was great to finally meet them in person after so long as well!

To be truthful, I hadn't really thought that I'd actually be meeting her. Like...until she was in front of me, I genuinely believed it wouldn’t happen! When she arrived? Well, in short, I started internally losing my shit. But let me tell you something - I’ve met my fair share of awesome folks in the spotlight, and she is probably one of the sweetest and most genuine I have ever met. She hugged all of us, asked our names and then asked us a question, which I wasn't expecting at all! I was so in awe of finally meeting her that I kind of zoned out. Ooops. And then suddenly she was hugging me and asking my name and I was thinking "IS THIS REAL LIFE?" And it was. Uhuh.

Why on earth when I saw the above picture, 'If you're happy and you know it' popped into my head?

Oh and then guess what? I froze. She asked me “What’s your story?” in her cheerful manner (damn it she's like, walking sunshine, I tell you! The question was an awesome one and also one I haven’t been asked before. So obviously I said “OH GOSH I HAVEN’T EVEN THOUGHT OF AN ANSWER, ERRRRMMMMM, ERM ERMMMMM” but she was lovely and asked where I came from etc...and was just, lovely. How many times can I say lovely? Lovely. One of the folks I was with met her many moons ago when she was last here, and had a fanbook that was made for her 21st birthday. Yes. She is now 30. Uhuh, she's finally got it after 9 years, crazy, eh?
So after chatting to us all, grabbing a group picture with us (which was taken by the Sony folks...I'm intrigued to see how it came out because I know I was standing in the most awkward position) and possibly being the most awesome and adorable person ever, she went into the building to do interviews and whatnot - we all decided chill until she came out an hour or so later. Obviously I went to go and grab some food (okay, and a drink too because somehow my throat had become really sore?) And soon after I got back, she came out. Oh my gosh you guys, I cannot get over the picture I have with her. Don't care about my face to be honest but it seems SO SURREAL to have met her. Don't care that we are both basically looking at the flip screen of my camera...I have finally met Delta!

It wasn't until the two Aussies of the group, Rosey and Zara who had been snapping away whilst everything was going on, that I realised just how much of a shortass I am in comparison to the goddess and gazelle that is Delta. Look at the woman, look how stunning she is! The first picture below is said moment where I couldn't seem to answer a simple question. Way to go Meg!
And in this next picture, we are obviously laughing about some inside joke that is just so darn hilarious, right? I kid. Credit to Rosey and Zara for the two pictures above, and one below! I could go into an essay of both what this woman and her music mean to me but, I'll just say that her music was there for me through so much, and in short, has saved my life and sanity many times. And I'll always be thankful for that.
After she went, we all popped on the tube to Westminster, and can I just say that trying to get a selfie with a bunch of people when you don't have the longest arms, isn't the wisest idea!

Sitting on the Embankment, eating McDonalds outside, where there are tons of birds is not the best idea. Oh no. I was eating my chips in stealth mode, keeping my eyes out for any birds that would attempt to swoop in and steal them. Thankfully they only got a bit close for comfort once I had finished. Phew. Although the other highlight of the day was seeing this punk pigeon. ROCK ON PIGEON, ROCK ON. Punk is definitely not dead.
I'm 99% certain Starbucks employees write your name incorrect on purpose. The person who served me asked my name a fair few times (Meg is probably one of the simplest name you could write) and yet my name seems to be...Moso? Mod? Who knows! Anyway, I spent a good hour or so sat in Starbucks, hugging my hot chocolate in disbelief of what happened. Even as I write this, I'm still like 'Is this real life?'.

It was a long day, but so worth it. You know when something seems to happen at the right time? Well, I think all those years of wanting to meet was meant to happen at this point in time, because with the way I've been feeling of late, mentally? Tuesday, 6th October will be the day that really cheered me up at a time I needed it. It's not going to suddenly make me feel happy once again, but the fact I've finally got to meet the woman whose music has helped me through so much? That's a great feeling.

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