09 October 2015 London

This week has been a pretty surreal one. And as I tried to write the post, it was basically all Delta related. So may as well just dive straight in with what happened last night because damn it, I am impatient and am not waiting another day to post it! Even as I wrote my last post, and writing this one, it doesn't seem like the event I have talked about, have actually happened. So you've guessed it, this post is going to be very wordy and picture heavy. Oh, and even a video. Aren't I kind?

On Monday, both Sony and Delta tweeted that there would be a secret gig happening on Thursday, in London. All you had to do was tweet your favourite lyric from her latest single, Wings. So of course, I did that! Anything to have a chance to see Delta live. This was before the freakin' awesome day known as Tuesday. Had an idea after meeting her, that I was probably going to be attending the gig, but didn't want to jinx what happened that day, so didn't get my hopes up because when I do, things usually don't pan out. If I hadn't have gone on the Tuesday, then Delta freakin' Goodrem wouldn't have invited me and the others I was with, to her show. Which I'm still in shock about.

So anyway, Wednesday came around and later than planned, found out I was going! And you know what? It didn't sink in. Not until I was there, in the same room, hearing her sing. In the time I have been a fan, it's been a distant dream to see her live. For me, an intimate gig in a small venue is the thing I have stood by for so many years, hoping it would happen. And guess what? It did! It was held in this cute little art gallery in London called The Dot Project. Honestly the place was like a bloggers, and Pinterest heaven.

The journey there was hellish to say the least! The connecting train I had to get to London was cancelled, which put me back 20 minutes, then I didn't actually get into London until 7.05pm, and we got told to be there for 7.30pm. In the end, we got there a couple of minutes before, and thankfully Delta didn't come on until just before 8. Phew!

Delta Goodrem, Live Music, Music, Performance
Delta Goodrem, Live Music, Music, Performance

Arriving at the time we did meant me and my friend weren't at the front but that didn't matter because to see Delta sounds corny but it's true - just hearing her live was enough for me. So what if I'm not 10ft tall? Who cares! As long as I could see her in some shape or form I would be happy. The fact it was like in the ideal kind of location/venue that I would have wanted to see her in, I didn't care about where I was stood as such. 

And it didn't matter anyway because she stood for a fair amount of the songs. Slightly awkward that a lot of my pictures, I've hoped still look good, even after cropping people's heads out at the bottom (ruining the illusion of my pictures now for you, guys!) And I just adored how grateful she was that we all came. Uhm Delta, it's you. Of course we'll be there! But she genuinely looked happy and at peace with herself? Being in there with everyone, it honestly felt like it was a long time coming (it was and even she joked about it). 

But you know? Just the feeling of everyone feeling that joy of the moment. Loved it. You watch live performances online of an artist, and think they're fantastic right? Well, she was phenomenal live, surpassing how much I already adored her voice and music! Such...a strong voice and adorable yet sassy presence - love it. Delta, please do online lessons in how to sass, because I want to know.

Delta Goodrem, Live Music, Music, Performance
Delta Goodrem, Live Music, Music, Performance
delta goodrem singing

Can I just say her performance of Almost Here? That was the good stuff there. Honestly she was so sassy! And we all know who she sung it with and to be honest, Delta trumps he who shall not be named. My other favourite performance of the night was Not Me, Not I. That was fantastic and I just basically stood there in awe. I also managed to get a video of NMNI, and my arms most definitely hate me for it, but I don't care because LISTEN TO DEM VOCALS, AMARITE?

Even though I didn't have the best spot, I still managed to get great shots, so obviously this lass here is happy! Honestly - this shot below is probably one of my favourite pictures I have ever taken. It's lovely to see other people being genuinely happy, isn't it?

Delta Goodrem, Live Music, Music, Performance

Even though I didn't have the best spot, I still managed to get great shots, so obviously this lass here is happy! Honestly - this shot below is probably one of my favourite pictures I have ever taken. It's lovely to see other people being genuinely happy, isn't it?

A few minutes after the gig finished, she came back out to do a meet and greet which I think was lovely. I wanted to go at the back because honestly? I wasn't prepared. I know I met her on Tuesday but she is someone who I've admired for so long that yes, I almost teared up in the line. Especially when other people were getting a little emotional? I may have just looked the other way so I didn't set myself off. After half an hour or so, it was my turn and OH MY GOD. She remembered me (and then said how she's great with remembering faces, but not so much with names!) I was wearing my aztec print kimono and wide brimmed black hat and guess what? SHE STARTED SAYING HOW MUCH SHE LOVED IT AND PLAYED WITH IT. How I didn't freak the hell out, I don't know. And she called me gorgeous again. Help. How to breathe?

delta goodrem signed picture and mistaken identity album booklet

She signed my picture from Tuesday and also my Mistaken Identity booklet because that's the album to help me through the crappy times. Then came picture time. I WAS SO NERVOUS. Well this time I decided to let her take the reins! So I said she could take the selfie this time, seeing as I don't have the longest arms. I like it! Although yes, we both got distracted by the screen....AGAIN. Ooops.

Delta Goodrem, Live Music, Music, Performance, Selfie

One of my friends said about Cats (she's going to be in the Australian production of it, playing Grizabella) and if she'd do it over here. She said that as long as she was received well over in Australia, and there was the opportunity to come over here to play the part? She'd do it. Please can the musical gods make this happen because I would most definitely see her in it. (I've not seen the musical but obviously know Memory). As me and my two friends left, she was pointing us out to everyone, and waving goodbye, shouting that we were her three chicks. Honestly do not know how I managed to keep my cool at all. I am the epitome of a clutz, and idiot in every sense of the word. Yet I didn't make a total fool of myself? Amazing. On the way back to the train station, me and my friend were reminiscing both on the night, and how we met thanks to Delta's music, on her forum years ago. It's crazy how long this woman's music has been a part of our lives. It's practically half of my life!

Basically, this is a night, no...week that I am going to remember for so long. It's crazy to think that a week ago, I wouldn't have thought she'd be coming over to London. Let alone that she'd do a performance, and let alone the fact I would get to meet her two times!! When I'm feeling down in the dumps? I'll remember this night, and know that even in the bad times for me, that there is some good, and little ways in which I can be happy. Thanks Delta.


Sitting On Top Of The World (with a little bit of Robbie Williams' Let Me Entertain You thrown in) 
In This Life
Born To Try
Lost Without You
Believe Again
Innocent Eyes
You and You Alone
Not Me, Not I
Out Of The Blue (with a bit of Hey Jude in there) 

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