24 August 2014

“You're gorgeous, you old hag, and if I could give you just one gift ever for the rest of your life it would be this. Confidence. It would be the gift of confidence. Either that or a scented candle”
- David Nicholls, One Day

one day by david nicholls

We all have those things about ourselves that we wish we could change, don't we? That is something I love about us human beings. We will always comment on others, and how perfect they look etc...and put ourselves down, sometimes without realising. And the thing is, we don't realise that everyone else feels this way about themselves in some shape or form in their lives (unless you are actually some kind of god or goddess - then forget what I said, and good on you).

You know what? We need to find a way to stop worrying. This world has enough negativity in it, why add to it? Feel good about yourself, and it will start to make other parts of your life feel a little brighter. Stop putting yourself down, on things that make you unique. To you, you may think they are ugly. But it's because of society, and the media that we consume everyday. They tell us that anything that isn't this idea of 'perfection' is wrong. And that pees me off to no end.

I know I'm not the prettiest lass, but I don't care. There will always be someone prettier and with a figure that you want, in this world, but feeling down about it isn't going to do anything is it? Yes, there are all these women in the media that look like they have just stepped off a catwalk. But people need to realise they probably have a team of people behind them to look like that - make up artists, stylists, all that jazz. I'm pretty sure when they wake up first thing, they look just as dishevelled as us normal folk.  To an extent, it's good to look up to certain people if they inspire you, or you love their fashion sense, etc. But it makes me upset when people try to model themselves on others, and I mean like...in every way. 

Rock what you were born with! This world needs variety.

I wouldn't mind looking like Keira Knightley or Lara Pulver, or having either of their bone structures but I'm stuck with this face and body I have, and I might as well love it.

I know I follow a fair amount of beauty bloggers, so you may want to look away, at what I am about to say:

I don't wear make up. I never have. I've always been a bit of a tomboy, seeing as I am the oldest of four kids, the other three all being brothers. Sure, I think make-up is fab, and I have mad respect for all of you ladies (and men) out there, that can rock that lippy like no other, and the perfect cat eye with your eyeliner. The most I experiment with now is a little light lippie, nothing dramatic. I know that if I ever attempted to do a full face of make-up, I would look like that clown, It. I'm not asking for people to be like 'oh you are so brave for that'. Because I'm not, I just don't feel comfortable in make up. I wish I could, as I would probably wear a little, but, it's just not me, and I like that I kind of have this confidence, without realising. This confidence of going out, bare-faced. It may not be everybody's cup of tea, but I'm fine with that. Unless people start running away screaming as though Godzilla has come to town, then I'm good.

My skin isn't perfect, far from it. I have my scars on my forehead and chin from being the clumsiest of kids (the clumsiness hasn't gone as I've got older...), and yes, wearing glasses means that combined with my forehead scar, I have been told I'm a long lost sister of Harry Potter...

You know what? I don't care anymore. 

I've got to a stage in my life where I think that there is no point in us scrutinizing ourselves for small things that make us who we are. Surely if we weren't that great, then we wouldn't have the friends, partners, and people in our lives that we do.

We are pretty fabulous, and I think we need to get this into our psyche, as in turn, it will give us confidence in other areas in our lives.

What do you love about yourself? Let's get some self love happening!


  1. this is such a gorgeous post! i wrote about body confidence on my blog yesterday and it's something i'm working on!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com // blog sale

    ps. enter my £300 rayban and beauty goodies giveaway! click here.

    1. Why thank you!

      Yes, I feel that it's something so many of us need to try and work on, because we are all pretty fabulous, but we don't realise it!

  2. A beautifully written post that I want to share with everyone because everything you've said is completely true. Human beings are beautiful, every single one of them.
    Also love how you quoted One day, a brilliant novel!

    Jade x

    1. I'm suddenly finding myself a bit emotional - thank you for your kind words!

      I just feel that so many of us go through such rubbish at times, we don't realise how lovely and special we are.

      I know right? I love the book so much. And the film makes me cry every single time!!

      Thanks again!
      Meg x

  3. Amen sister! Wear what you love! Get out of your comfort zone and rock it! I love that more people are getting out there and accepting themselves and spreading the word about self love. Thanks for this post, lady! You're amazing <3

    1. Exactly - I used to wear what the heck I wanted, cause I thought I looked good. Then stuff happened, and I just, stopped.
      But now, it's time for me to get back to what I love best - thinking of different ways to wear fabulous clothes!!

      I absolutely agree, people have gone for too long, hating on themselves, and letting it bring them down...

      That's okay m'dear!
      And me? Amazing? Why thank you...I'm blushing!!

  4. My mum and sister are not frequent makeup wearing ladies. Fair enough they might get dolled up for weddings etc... but I know when my sister was growing up people were only beginning to experiment with it more :) and with that there's me. I was always half tomboy half girly girl, but never really touched makeup until the age of 17 :) and even now my collection is very very small. I've had the same foundation for two years and it's still half full! haha x


  5. Oh gosh yes, I'm sort of on the fence. Love feminine clothes, yet don't wear make-up and live in jumpers and jeans...haha

    Yes! My make-up collection is teeny!


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