It doesn't need to be said. You can tell from a look that someone is saying those three words in their head. In my early teens, when I was starting to see women differently, finding them attractive, I even had those words playing in the back of my mind. That once I worked out who I was, that I'd go back to chatting to my friends about the cute guy that worked in a shop in town or something, but that I'd never have the nerve to talk to him. That I could actually be a little more...girly, or at least what I saw as being more girly, and not the awkward tomboy I was, and in reality? Still am. 

That so called phase never ended. I was still finding the same sex attractive, and to me? This was a dilemma in my head. I'm open minded in regards to people's sexuality and preferences behind closed doors (as long as it's not illegal, and all that jazz). Yet I couldn't get it in my head that it was possible for me...for me to actually be attracted to more than one gender at the same time. That obviously I was going through a phase. The one thing you'd hear other people say whenever a school friend, or someone who identified as something other than straight...people were basically wishing that it would pass, and that you'd one day, suddenly identify as straight. 



I am a few years behind on the Walter Mitty bandwagon, I know, I know. This is a film I have wanted to see since it was released back in 2013. Yet somehow, never got around to it. That was until I picked the DVD up last week (alongside a couple of others I may review on here?) And finally got around to watching it last night. In short? This is now on my list of favourite films - as in, one I would happily watch again and again.

Initially, I bought this because I have a slight thing for Kristen Wiig. Okay, more than a slight thing. But had also heard some great things about this film, and wanted to see if it lived up to the hype. And it did. Walter Mitty is a fictional character that was created by James Thurber, an American journalist and author. Mitty appeared in The New Yorker in 1939, then in book form a few years later, in 1942. A film was made in 1947, but then Ben Stiller directed and starred in the 2013 version, which I'll obviously be talking about, if you couldn't tell already...



This was something I wasn't expecting to visit. I heard about it, saw fellow bloggers chat about it on their blogs and in my head, I thought it had been and gone. Oh no. Yesterday, me and my friends were near the Palace Theatre (obviously took a picture of it outside because it looks awesome), and out the corner of my eye I saw a woman holding a sign about an exhibition down the road showing the graphic design behind Harry Potter...it clicked and I stood there just pointing and squealing at my friends. Another woman handed us these gorgeous flyers - look at them, and off we went down the road. On the way, my friend became a pigeon whisperer when we spotted this poor pigeon that had managed to get inside of a pub, but couldn't get back out? (Not even kidding, a woman in the pub called her a pigeon whisperer). She basically managed to get it, carry outside and let it fly off. And whilst this was happening, I'm 99% sure Sally from Corrie was outside sat at a table at the restaurant next door? Quite a weird moment in general, but memorable nevertheless.

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