6 Feb 2017

My bad on the lack of posts lately. I've not felt the need to post, you know what? It's been kind of nice! This is the year I chill the fuck out and post whenever I feel like it. Which is what I do anyway...basically, resist from comparing myself to other bloggers, and enjoy what content I create.

If you didn't already know, I finally have a DSLR in my life once again. A Canon EOS 1200D to be precise! Last week, I went out with Georgia, to snap away (plus Georgia in front of the camera is like...bam, pose. Bam, pose. Bam, pose, which is always helpful, for a potato like myself, hence why I'm behind the camera). And of course, being in England, on the coast...the skies were grey to say the least! But that didn't stop us, although my joints hated me the next day, that's for sure - #chronicpainprobz


26 Jan 2017

Gosh, my blog is surely but slowly become a book blog! I say that, when this is only my third book review. But it seems to be all I'm posting lately! When I saw Gone Girl in one of my local charity shops, I had to pick it up. It's strange because when I dropped some books off in there, it was the one book I wanted to purchase and then bam...there it was, only setting me back a quid or so. I heard of this book around the time there was the hype for The Girl on the Train (the book), and that this was a thriller in the same vein. I read The Girl on the Train last year, racing to finish it before I saw the film, which although it was alright, the book was a lot better (the only redeeming quality for me in the film was Emily Blunt, to be honest - love that woman!) 


24 Jan 2017

I picked this up when I was in HMV, probably buying a Pop Vinyl, no doubt, because it was only a few quid and thought it could be added to the pile of books I want to read this year. What I didn't realise is that it would become one of the books I know I will return to time and time again. This is the second book I've read this year. Actually surprised that it's something I'm sticking at (so far).


19 Jan 2017

Everyone and their cat is raving about this film (others saying why they didn't like it, but hey, it's not going to be for everyone!) So, I have to put my two cents in. Since seeing a trailer for this sometime back in 2016, I was excited as hell for the release of this. I like musicals, but don't like that many? For me, the old classics like Mary Poppins and Singin' In The Rain are ones I can watch time and time again to be inspired and truly entertained. So when I heard this would be harking back to the musicals from back in the day, my expectations rose. Which isn't a great idea because then I get annoyed at myself when something doesn't live up to said expectations.

Let me tell you folks, when the Cinemascope logo came up on screen, and then that opening number happened? I was grinning like an idiot. And it may sound silly, but it was nice that I was amongst mainly older folks (probably because the time of day), but the fact that it was jam packed in there with the older generation. And like them, I came out the film feeling as though I'd watched a classic, but with a slightly modern twist. 

I don't really want to give away any spoilers, but the story follows Mia (Emma Stone) a barista who has dreams of becoming and actress, and Seb (Ryan Gosling) who wants to stop jazz from dying, which he believes it is. They're both in jobs they clearly don't enjoy, and we follow their journey of how they meet, and change one anothers lives. And it's aesthetically pleasing as fuck. Like, I now need all the neon lights, and a whole new wardrobe to resemble what Mia wears. And maybe a girlfriend or boyfriend that can play jazz to me. Not asking for much, you know? 


16 Jan 2017

This is something I feel we all need to do in our lives. Not necessarily from people, but from things that are just there. That we don't necessarily realise are annoying us, stressing us own and just clogging up our daily lives without us noticing. I've done a few things over the past month or so that are cutting me loose from even the smallest , most mundane thing, but it's definitely helping me to centre myself a little more in life. God, that sounds like I've been smoking something and getting higher than a kite. But seriously, getting rid of little things you do each day that don't make you feel great, or just swap one thing for another or just implementing bits and bobs into your does help. So what exactly have I been doing?


9 Jan 2017

If you've seen on my social media, you'll know I was buying books throughout last year and that kept growing and growing, yet I wasn't reading them. Out of the pile, The Forgetting Time was the book I had in my bag, but let myself get wrapped up in being on my phone instead. This year I'm trying to read more, and this is the first book of 2017 that I've finished. Okay, I started it in 2016 so in reality it's half of the book I've read this year. But let's not talk about that...let's talk about the book itself!